Heartland Forward releases new report on entrepreneurship

Heartland Forward's mission is to improve economic performance in the center of the United States by advocating for fact-based solutions to foster job creation, knowledge-based and inclusive growth and improved health outcomes. This report, America's Entrepreneurial States: Supporting Entrepreneurs to Help Drive the Economy, shows the country's strengths and weaknesses in creating and supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Supporting entrepreneurs is an essential strategy for growing and diversifying a state's economy. For economic developers, policy makers, teachers, universities, and even small business owners, it is critical to prepare people to pursue and participate in creating a more equitable economy. It is of paramount importance that states (especially in the heartland of America) build entrepreneurial ecosystems to capture job and economic development opportunities.

The full report by Heartland Forward can be found here.

In addition to the report, Heartland Forward developed an interactive calculator to help states experiment and determine ranking changes based on the characteristics the report used--risk capital, internet access and educational attainment. To interact with the calculator, click here.


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