Investing in America's Communities

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Six Programs have been announced to invest $3 billion from President Biden's American Rescue Plan

Six programs, collectively called Investing in America's Communities, have been announced by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to equitably invest the $3 billion it received from President Biden's American Rescue Plan. 

Investing in America's Communities include: 

  • Build  Back Better Regional Challenge ($1 billion) will capitalize on American ingenuity and American workers by providing a transformational investment to regions across the country to revitalize their economies.
  • Good  Jobs Challenge ($500 million) is designed to help get Americans back in good-paying jobs. The program will develop and strengthen regional workforce training systems and sector-based partnerships with a focus on programs targeted at women, people of color and historically underserved  communities. 
  • Economic  Adjustment Assistance ($500 million) grants will help hundreds of communities across  the nation plan, build, innovate, and put people back to work through  projects tailored to meet local needs. 
  • Indigenous  Communities     ($100 million) program will work hand-in-hand with Tribal Governments and Indigenouse communities to develop and execute economic development  projects they need to recover from the pandemic and build economies for the future. 
  • Travel,  Tourism and Outdoor Recreation ($750 million) program will focus on revitalizing the hard-hit  travel, tourism, and outdoor recreation industries and accelerate the  recovery of communities that rely on these sectors. 
  • Statewide  Planning, Research and Networks ($90 million) grants include funding for state planning efforts as well as grants to build Communities of Practice to extend technical assistance to support EDA's work with grantees.

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