Join us on 10.14.2021 for the Manufacturing Tech-XPO!
Newton County Fairgrounds

Modern Manufacturing provides opportunities to develop specialties, such as operations, management, technology and engineering. New jobs in modern manufacturing extend beyond shop floors and laboratories into offices, state-of-the-art tech centers and even your own living room. Everything we use today required skilled thinkers and doers to invent, market, distribute and maintain.

We are joining the movement to fill the skills gap and inspire the future workforce by hosting a manufacturing expo event. Visit with area manufacturers and see the cool stuff made by CREATORS!

Manufacturing has undergone a dramatic shift into today's industry providing opportunities for students to design and build America's future in high-demand and high-skill careers. Did you know that, on average, a job in manufacturing pays more than $84,000 a year in salary and benefits? Simply put, modern manufacturing is the path to a secure career and future.

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