Joplin Ranked Second in Wall Street Journal's 'Top 10 Places for Remote Workers'

(Joplin, MO) – Joplin has been identified as one of the nation’s best locations for remote workers according to The Wall Street Journal’s list “Top 10 Places for Remote Workers.” These findings were based on a national study of remote workers who identified the characteristics that make a city ideal for remote work. Available data on each of these factors was gathered for metropolitan areas across the country and then compared against the weighted results of the study.

Among the factors indicated by remote workers are access to inexpensive high-speed internet, affordable living, a low unemployment rate, proximity to airports, and amenities like restaurants and greenspaces. Coming in second overall, Joplin ranked in the 97th percentile for a low cost of living and currently boasts a 2.35% unemployment rate.  

“We’re excited to be recognized as the second overall destination in the nation for remote work,” says Travis Stephens, President and CEO of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce (JACC). “Our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem coupled with our quality public education and outdoor recreational opportunities makes Joplin an ideal place for remote workers.”  

JACC recently introduced Launched in SWMO, a website that provides resources specific to remote workers and entrepreneurs in addition to the coworking office space that remote workers can utilize daily, weekly, or monthly at the Joseph Newman Innovation Center.  

Read the full article, and see the entire list of rankings, here.


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