McDonald County, Missouri

McDonald County, Missouri

McDonald County is located in southwest Missouri and has a population of over 23,000. It lies between the metropolitan areas of Bentonville, Arkansas, and Joplin, Missouri. Our commerce is driven largely by the poultry and tourism industries. Our outlying open spaces and transportation corridors are quickly becoming the neighborhood communities of the Bentonville and Joplin region given our low cost of living, hill country, natural areas, and proximity to clear Ozark streams.

McDonald County is all about local businesses delivering an experience not just a product. Our businesses in the McDonald County area are friendly and responsive, striving to meet the challenges of a growing community. We are currently experiencing major growth as the I-49 corridor builds out.


Pineville is the county seat of McDonald County with a population of around 1,000. It serves as a regional hub of government, recreation, and industry, with Interstate 49 running through town.

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MOKAN Region of I-44/I-49

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