Food & Beverages

Many of the products in your kitchen are made right here. In fact, the seven-county MOKAN region alone produces 13.7 million bushels of wheat, 12.2 million bushels of corn, and 346,000 head of cattle each year — not to mention innumerable poultry, swine, dairy products, and medical marijuana, among other crops in surrounding areas. The Shoal Creek and Spring River watersheds, and our artisan wells, provide an ample supply of water for production needs. In addition, the Missouri American Water Company is currently developing a 1,500 acre reservoir to meet growing needs into the future.

When you combine these abundant outputs with a remarkably strong utility infrastructure that includes huge volumes of affordable fresh water, it’s clear that the MOKAN region is a natural location for food and beverage production. Many familiar, national brands are made here with local resources. Our workforce and leadership understand the importance of food and the availability of these resources, and our extensive highway and rail transportation network makes it easy and affordable to ship finished products throughout North America and beyond.

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