Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA)

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA)

Our Metropolitan Statistical Area is comprised of a seven-county, tri-state megaregion inclusive of Joplin, MO, Miami, OK, and Pittsburg, KS MSAs.

The total regional population is 251,078. The average wage is $51,700. As of 2021, the population increased by 1.1% since 2016, growing by 2,854. Population is expected to increase by 2.2% between 2021 and 2026, adding 5,570.

15.9% of the MOKAN MSA Regions' residents possess a Bachelor's Degree and 8.2% hold an Associate's Degree, while 23.1% have earned some college credit.

Our workforce is strong and well trained in a variety of skilled occupations spanning several industries.

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