Newton County

Newton County

If your company is focused on the future of business, move the search for your next location to Newton County. Located in the southeast corner of the region, the County is anchored by the City of Neosho and boasts a workforce of nearly 700,000 within an hour's drive and an impressive network of railroads and state and interstate highways.

You'll also find access to a substantial broadband backbone that ensures fast connections to the rest of the world. Combine that with affordable utilities and a skilled workforce that takes pride in positive attitudes, low turnover, and company loyalty, and you'll see why we're an important destination for companies in logistics and distribution, alternative energy, call centers, office services, and agribusiness.

Employers benefit from the local post-secondary education community's strong support. Crowder College delivers customized on-demand workforce development training and regular programs in healthcare, accounting, management, industrial maintenance, information science, alternative energy, and more. Other nearby schools, including Pittsburg State University, Neosho County Community College, and Labette Community College, and Joplin's Advanced Training and Technology Center collaborate to provide additional work-focused programs in technology, manufacturing, engineering, alternative energy, and more.


Neosho has a population of over 12,000 and is the county seat of Newton County. Interstate 49 runs along the western side of town while the Crowder Industrial area is located in the southern part, encompassing 2,000 acres for industrial purposes. It offers utilities, paved streets, railroad access, and is adjacent to the Neosho Municipal Airport.

Furniture, wire products, barbecue equipment, egg products, garment manufacturing, poultry processing, and wood products are a few of the industries based in Neosho. It is home to La-Z-Boy Midwest, Jarden Consumer Solutions, Nutra Blend, Opal Foods, and the Ozark Terminal, a multi-million-square-foot underground manufacturing and warehousing storage facility.

Neosho also has a Foreign Trade Zone, a skilled workforce, lower business costs, and increased quality of life.

City of Neosho

Neosho Economic Development

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Taking its name from a town in Massachusetts, Granby is a city in Newton County and has a population of 2,134. In 1850, the first mine shaft was sunk and ore harvested. That mine was the first of many, leading to the "Granby Stampede" two years later. Hundreds of miners flocked to the area and by 1859, "Section Six" (Granby) was home to more than 8,000 people. In 1856, the railroad had come to town, granting a lease of "Section Six" to the Granby Mining and Smelting Company. In the early 1950's, the ore, once thought to be inexhaustible, was mostly gone and the mines shut down. Today, Granby is investing in their growth with infrastructure upgrades, beginning with a brand new sewer/water treatment plant. Future plans include a new water system, street repairs, adding businesses to the city.

City of Granby

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