Manufacturing & Production

The MOKAN region's central location and extraordinary access to interstate and rail transportation give manufacturers here a significant strategic advantage. With easier access to raw materials like plastic pellets, wood, and mineral wool; nearby markets for finished goods; and no inventory tax on warehoused goods, we're an ideal spot for manufacturing companies.

Our highly skilled workforce is 400,000 strong. And our residents have extensive experience in industries that demand workers who are proficient with engineering, advanced production, robotics, CNC operation, laser cutting, 3D printing, and specialized processes critical to the metal and electrical component fabrication, chemicals, and plastics industries. This means companies with challenging needs can staff new facilities quickly and build upon existing experience.

In addition, both K-12 school districts and postsecondary education providers have a strong focus on workforce development, offering programs that deliver the skills today's manufacturers need. Collaborative efforts by Missouri Southern State University, Crowder College, Labette Community College, Coffeyville Community College, Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience, and Joplin's Advanced Training and Technology Center ensure the workforce is top of mind in community programming.

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