MOKAN Region Featured in International Magazine

Tony Robyn, former Executive Director of the MOKAN Economic Partnership, sits down with FDI Alliance to discuss why the MOKAN region is a prime location for industry and workforce alike.

*Our centrally located position at the crossroads of I-44 and I-49, two major continental interstates, and now US 69 north to Kansas City means we have two-day shipping to nearly any place in the nation.

*Our 16 infrastructure-ready industrial parks have attracted national and international brands. This modern infrastructure moves people and products easily.

*Our quality of place supports a variety of lifestyles across our seven-county metropolitan area with plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.

*Our ACT Certified WorkReady workforce is skilled up across industries to meet needs.

Our tri-state mega-region boasts a regional population of 310,000. With the completion of the new I-49 connector to Bentonville AR, we decreased commute time, doubled the available workforce, and also increased population within our 60-mile radius to 600,000.

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