State Announces Joplin Crossroads Industrial Park as Missouri Certified Site

November 2, 2021

Jefferson City, Mo. — Today the Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) announced that the Crossroads Industrial Park in Joplin is now a Missouri Certified Site (MCS), meaning it is shovel-ready for companies looking to establish business.

“Joplin Crossroads Industrial Park’s recognition as a development-ready Certified Site shows companies the community is ready for investment,” Department of Economic Development Acting Director Maggie Kost said. “Missouri’s southwest region is an important hub for our state’s vibrant logistics sector, and the Joplin Crossroads property will undoubtedly contribute to future growth as our latest Certified Site.”

Asa Certified Site of the MCS program,  Joplin Crossroads Industrial Park joins more than 30 other recognized development-ready land sites. Certified sites meet a set of standards designed to eliminate risk and expedite a company’s move to a new location. Items reviewed include the availability of utilities, site access, environmental concerns, land use conformance, and potential site development costs.

“This is a major milestone and affirms its site readiness to commercial developers and site selectors and fast tracks traditional development timelines given predevelopment reviews and costs are already resolved,” said Tony Robyn, Director of MOKAN Partnership. “This is huge for those major developments that require an accelerated advantage and helps us leverage job creation and capital investments to the Joplin region.”

Visit the Joplin Crossroads Business Park website here.

About Missouri Certified Sites

Communities hoping to have a site certified can submit applications year-round. Missouri’s growing list of development-ready Certified Sites is available at


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