Kansas Polymer Research Center

Workforce Training and adult programming

Housed by Pittsburg State University, the Kansas Polymer Research Center (KPRC) is a leading center focused on the development of new bio-based polymer materials. With well-developed expertise in polymers and a history of performing applied research for several industries, KPRC assists its partners in developing, processing, and testing new materials for licensing and commercial applications.

KPRC is also an internationally recognized center for chemistry and materials science with a specialization in vegetable oil-based polymer research and development. Through research projects and other educational activities, scientists and students at KPRC are able to engage the academic community.

Locally, KPRC creates wealth, jobs, and new technology-based enterprises through polymer research, development and testing services for clients. Its research contributes to the advancement of renewable resource technology as an alternative to petroleum-based feedstocks, with positive influences in agriculture, basic and applied science, and polymer and materials chemistry.